How To Properly Plan Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodeling Project


Planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel is daunting for anyone who is not a design or construction expert. Even if you took an interior design or architecture course in college, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use another set of eyes. There are many decisions to make and many details to handle. If you try to do it yourself, you’ll quickly discover the time it takes to pull permits and hire subcontractors, and that’s just the beginning. Before embarking on your remodel, consult some experts and ask yourself these questions.

Undergoing a major renovation is a commitment. Even a minor renovation is an investment. If you plan the project in advance and use the help of professionals, the commitment will pay off in the long run. You will have a kitchen or bathroom that meets and exceed your expectations. Bring in the professionals from Premier Construction, LLC, a licensed, bonded and insured construction company with over 30 years experience in Amarillo, Texas, to make your kitchen or bathroom a point of pride in your home. The crew at Premier is professional and trustworthy, so let them give your home a makeover to be admired, and envied.

  • What is the current condition of the room? Take an honest look at the room you want to renovate. Some spaces will need a major remodel while others could look 100 percent better with a minor one. If you want to save money, consider resurfacing your cabinets and fixtures rather than replacing them. When cabinets and fixtures are out-of-date and falling apart, a major remodel is necessary, but different materials calls for different costs. If your kitchen currently has laminate countertops and you want granite ones, which is the norm for most modern homes, you should know that a single square foot of granite starts at about $50.
  • Is your current space adequate or do you need more room? Consider your space requirements. In older homes, the kitchen and bath spaces are often tight. Modern living usually calls for more space. For example, you may want to expand the master bathroom and add a jet tub and stand-up shower instead of having a single unit. In the kitchen, you may want to add more cabinetry or a kitchen island. More square footage can come from taking space adjacent rooms or by adding a new addition to the room.
  • What features do you want to add, remove or rearrange? Older kitchens and bathrooms usually have only the basics when it comes to appliances, cabinets and fixtures. Take some time to design the look you want, whether that calls for completely gutting the room or just adding some finishing touches. A built-in microwave within your cabinets will free up counter space. Cabinets with pull-out drawers or racks sure makes finding the right pots and pans easier. Modern kitchens offer things that were not even on the horizon 25 years ago, and the same goes for bathrooms. In the bathroom, a jet tub, well it’s just a nice addition to be honest, and heated floors? Once again, those are simply for added pleasure.
  • What styles do you like and dislike? Study the pages of home magazines, keeping your eyes out for kitchen and bath features, and review design websites. You need to learn what designs are available and what trends are in, and out. There’s no point in putting in last year’s flooring trends when you plan or reselling your home in the near future. If you are planning a major renovation, you will make dozens of decisions on finishes. Starting the thought process early will make the later decisions easier. Some things to look at include cabinet design, faucets, appliances, hardware, fixtures, countertops, sinks, flooring and paint colors. You can always give your local builder’s association a call to see what’s in style in your area.
  • Who will handle the remodel? You might think that doing a major remodeling yourself will save money. But, the reality is that if you are not a professional, you can make some costly mistakes that will require professionals to correct, and that’s going to cost your more time and money. Do the smart thing and hire a professional for the renovation. The superior work will be well worth the money.
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