How To Make Your Storefront More Inviting


Once a customer walks into your store, what do they see? That is an important question you need to answer before you open your doors up to eager patrons awaiting to peruse your store. It is also a question to answer when undergoing a store renovation. Remodeling a store’s interior requires bringing several components together into a finished space that will attract new customers and showcase your merchandise, whether this depends upon flooring, wall or lighting When it comes to selling a product, every aspect of your store counts.

What kind of renovations will I need?

When you plan your storefront interior renovations, keep the following in mind:

Space Planning — Most retail spaces have a limited amount of square footage so space planning is essential. You will need space for displaying merchandise, storage in the back as well as a small office area to keep paperwork and a computer. The main retail space will need to offer ample space for people to browse and walk around, but also allow for the most merchandise display as possible. 

If you’re in the boutique business, you’ll need at least two fitting rooms and a couple of floor-length mirrors. 

If you’re in the home decor or interior design business, on the other hand, you will need enough space to present a finished room, or at least one area of a room, such as the dressing area in a bedroom or a dining area in a kitchen. And don’t forget where your cash register will stand. All in all, the entire space needs to have a logical flow about it.

Systems Planning — Every business needs systems. These systems begin with electricity, water and HVAC that run under the floor, in the walls and overhead. However, a modern business needs more than the basics. You will need an active network setup for your point of sale system and your office computer. Some businesses offer free Wi-Fi access to customers as well, which is always a perk for patrons. 

It seems everyone with a smartphone posts pictures of their finds on their social network of choice for everyone to comment on. Keep all of this mind when planning your storefront renovations.

Lighting — In a retail space, lighting makes all the difference. General lighting should make the floor space light and bright. Pinpoint lights allow highlighting of signs and merchandise. Task lighting in the office and at the cash register helps your staff do their job better. Security lighting helps keep your store safe at night. 

And let’s not forget about fitting room lighting. If you’re selling clothes and accessories, the right lighting is paramount to making a sale. 

Interior Finishes — What look do you want for your retail space? If your target market is the teenage crowd, your interior space needs to be bright, hip and edgy. If your target market is older adults with disposable income, the space needs to have a touch of exclusivity and elegance. Your interior space needs to have a cohesive look from the ceiling to the floor and in all the details.

One of the more critical facets to consider is bringing in experts for your interior renovations. We know you can find just about anything on Pinterest these days, but some of that is amateaur. Why risk it? The work needs a professional touch to get the perfect finish and professionals will get the work done as in a fast manner to help your opening date occur as quickly as possible.

Which Amarillo remodeling company should I hire to renovate my business?

The experts at Premier Construction, LLC, in Amarillo, Texas, are ready to help you get the most out of your retail space. The company offers complete design services, project management and construction teams for your new store front. If you are opening a business or planning a business renovation, give the professional, reliable team at Premier a call, click or visit today.

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